• Wholeness, Timelessness & Unfolding Meaning Sep 20-- In this interview, conducted two years before his passing, influential physicist-philosopher David Bohm discusses his insight into "the essential unbroken wholeness of the universe: the timeless order which lies behind physical phenomena, and the importance of the imagination for giving a meaningful understanding of reality." ...

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  • Death Doulas Provide End of Life Aid Sep 19-- "The word 'doula' comes from the Greek word meaning "woman who serves," though most people associate it with someone who helps during birth to usher in life. In recent years, however, more people have come to recognize the need for as much assistance at the end of life as the start, part of the so-called death positivity movement that is ...

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  • Between Grit and Grace Sep 18-- Preethi Srinivasan captained the under-19 Tamil Nadu women's cricket team to national championship in 1997, won a gold medal in swimming at national level, and was an internationally renowned student academically. At the age of 19, an accident left her paralyzed from the neck down. What followed over the next 2 decades is a journey of untiring grit and grace. ...

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  • Inside the Fight to Save an Ancient Forest Sep 17-- The ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest are home to giant old-growth trees, and many secrets, which science is just beginning to understand. These forests are our best climate change allies, storing huge amounts of carbon and retaining water, protecting communities from droughts, floods, and wildfires. But these forests are at risk of disappearing. In British Columbia on First Nations ...

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  • I Am the Triangular Window in a Mud Hut Sep 16-- "I have overheard pale-skinned visitors to this refugee camp speak of windows as large as a cow and covered by glass that slides wide open. Those stories sound absurd. Such windows would be completely impractical! We Dinka windows allow in some air, of course; but first and foremost, we are designed for safety and comfort. Look at my size ...

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  • What Buddhism Taught Me: A Sri Lankan Christian's Reflections Sep 15-- "Growing up Christian in predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, I learned early that there was much to be gained from the study of Buddhism. The teachings of the Buddha sometimes challenged my assumptions about Christianity, and at other times they illuminated and clarified the words and stories of Jesus. " Shanta Premawardhana shares three teachings from Buddha that enriched his own ...

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