History of tea in China

History of tea in China

The history of Chinese tea is a story of refinement and passion. The current methods of preparing and drinking Chinese tea took a very long time to develop. It started as a loyal drink for emperors and evolved to become of the best and loved beverage in the Chinese tradition and all over the world. It is difficult to exclude the impact of tea has on the culture of Chinese people. At various points throughout the history of tea in Chinese, it has once been used as a state currency and used as cash.

The origin of Chinese tea

Legendary emperor Shennong is credited to be the person who discovered tea in China. Shennong is said to have lived in the ancient era of Chinese history. He was a famous person who was well known for his edicts. One of Shennong’s edicts required people to boil water before the drink it. This edict leads to the discovery of tea.

According to Shennong, he decided to take a rest under a camellia tree one afternoon and boiled some water to drink as his used to do. It happened that dry leaves from the tree fall into the boiling water, creating a pot of tea. This was the first ever infusion of tea leaf. Surprised by all these, Shennong decided to take a sip of the tea and found it to be tasty and refreshing. Since then, tea has been enjoyed and grown throughout China and the world. According to this fist legend of tea, tea was first created in 2737BC.

Chinese has a fascinating and long history with tea. It first originated from the mountain wilderness of the south part of China, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Tea grew wild and large in these areas before it was even cultivated as a cash crop. These tea tresses are linked to the beginning of Chinese tea.

Originally tea was known for its medicinal qualities. For a long time, tea has been known for its effect in helping in digestion; this in one of the main reason why many Chinese prefer taking tea after their meals.

Zhou dynasty

At first, tea stated as a very different beverage than it is right now. The Chinese history books cite tea drinking in the Zhou dynasty, which dates back to 1046 BC. At first, preparing tea was a simple process that only involved dropping a whole leaf infusion directly into a cup of water. A more advanced form of processing and extracting the now true flavor of tea from the leaf would follow later.

Han dynasty

This dynasty existed between 206 BC and 220 AD. This is the duration which the Chinese people started to use tea as a medicinal drink to make people awake for a long period. At this time, tea was a very important commodity and could only be found in high ranking noble and for the emperor. Sihuan and Yunna were still the major places where tea was grown by that time. Tea was collected from these two regions and taken to the capital for the emperor’s use.

Tang dynasty

The culture of tea started to change very fast in the Tang dynasty. This was from 618 to 907 AD. Before this dynasty, tea was only considered as a product of the rich; it was during the Tang period that tea started to be widely available to many people and became an important beverage and central to the day to day aspects to Chinese people. It was also during this dynasty that the consumption of tea shed from being taken for medical ritual purposes to a social drink that was now consumed among friends and family. Tea becomes part of what is regarded and the seven essential things of Chinese life.

Evolution of tea processing

The Tang dynasty also leads to the processing of tea. Before this dynasty, raw tea leaves were being steamed before being passed into bricks called tea cakes. The cakes were ground down in a mortar, and then water poured over the tea that was in a powder form that diffused in water to form tea.

Tang dynasty saw everything change from use of raw tea leaves to loose leaf tea. In this process, tea leaves are roasted to dry up out the leaves. This process preserves a lot of essential tea flavor from the leaf. This is the method that tea in China is being made up to today.

History of different tea varieties in China

Different areas in China are well-known for producing a specific type of tea. Deferent regions produce different types of tea, including white tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Below is a classification of tea in China

Pu’er tea

This is one of the oldest types of tea in China history. It was first shaped into cakes and later dried into leaves. It is over 2,000 years old; brick tea is still being made.

Pu’er tea is considered as the oldest type of tea plant in China. Pu’er tea has been consumed and enjoyed for thousands of years. The largest producing province of green tea in China is Zhejiang province. Green tea has been used widely as an energy stimulant in history for a very long time all over the world.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is different from green tea as is it undergoes semi oxidization. This is a process that darkens the tea flavor and color. We have different stories on how oolong tea was discovered in China. Oolong tea is best known for improving skin texture and weight loss.

White tea

This is another famous tea variety in China. It is almost produced everywhere in China. It is well known for its delicate flavor. It is believed to be the first type of tea to be made because it is easy to prepare it; traditionally, it is just plucked, wilted, and dried. White tea is also considered as the healthiest form of tea because it does not undergo any processing stages.

Oil tea

This variety is favorite in southern China and Guilin. It is a product of many southern ethnicities.

Tea is an important crop to about the culture and economy of China, visiting china tea estates can be one of the amazing things as part of your vacation to China.


Mattress Foam Density Guide

A Mattress Foam Density Guide

The term density is certainly familiar to you; you might probably have heard about it. Density is defined as the relative mass of an object that occupies a specific volume. That is no different from what a mattress foam density means; it refers to the mass of mattress foam in a unit cubic foot. Foam density is a significant factor you need to consider whenever you intend to buy a mattress. Different people will prefer varying densities of mattresses depending on factors such as their sleeping positions. In this article, we present a mattress foam density guide that will assist you in making a more precise decision while acquiring a mattress.

Types of Mattress Foams

There are different types of foams based on various aspects. Starting from the production processes, to the material used to augment the foam, there is a variety to select. However, the most significant classification basis of mattress foams is the density. Different densities define different types of foams and here are the classifications.

High-density foam mattresses

These are the most massive and dense types of mattresses as they contain the most foam material per unit cubic foot. They usually contain 5 lbs. of foam in one cubic foot or more, which is mostly enhanced with latex to increase firmness. Due to boosted firmness, they usually offer maximum support to the sleeper making them feel like they are lifted. This quality makes these mattresses ideal for people who might be experiencing pains in their backs and necks. Since the manufacturing process involves combining them with latex for enhancements, that leaves tiny openings in their structure; thus they allow minimal air circulation. They hence usually confine substantial amounts of heat; therefore they are not suitable for hot sleepers. They do not form very deep contours when slept making them ideal for couples and those sleepers who toss a lot in their sleep.

Benefits of High-Density Foam Mattresses

  • They last longer compared to lower density mattresses, i.e., for a period of up to ten years
  • They offer maximum support to sleepers relieving them of their back and neck pains
  • Suitable for sleepers who fancy sleeping hot as they trap considerable amounts of heat

Detriments of High-Density Foam Mattresses

  • They tend to produce intense odor due to poor air circulation and more foam material
  • They are relatively more expensive as compared to lower density mattresses

Medium-Density Foam Mattresses

These kinds of mattresses contain an average level of foam. They contain 3 lbs. of foam or more, but less than 5 lbs. per unit cubic foot. Mattresses of medium density foam provide modest support to sleepers; hence they are suitable for sleepers with minor pains in their backs and necks. They have better pressure relief points than the higher density foam thus ideal for side sleepers as well. In their structure, there are greater openings compared to high-density mattresses, hence more improved air circulation. They, therefore, trap moderate heat which is the best for moderate temperature sleepers. They are suitable for sleepers with average body weight as well as couples who toss around and change sleeping positions regularly at night since they deform modestly.

Benefits of Medium-Density Foam Mattresses

  • They are suitable for sleepers who find comfort in sleeping on a mattress with moderate temperature
  • They are affordable due to their relatively low price as compared to high-density mattresses
  • They offer great support to sleepers as they do not warp greatly as compared to low-density mattresses

Detriments of Medium-Density Foam Mattresses

  • They might not provide adequate support as compared to high-density mattresses, therefore, may not be the perfect solution for back pain
  • Unlike the low-density foam mattresses that allow a higher flow of air, mattresses made of medium-density foam may tend to contain odor therefore inappropriate for people with allergic conditions

Low-Density Foam Mattresses

These are mattresses with the lowest mass of foam per cubic foot, i.e., below 3 lbs. in a unit cubic foot of a mattress. It means that they are light in weight and warp considerably when you sleep on them. They have large openings; therefore air flow is efficient, hence dissipating a considerable amount of heat. They are therefore suitable for cold and lightweight sleepers.

Benefits of Low-Density Foam Mattresses

  • Since they allow a significant amount of airflow, they do not emit much odor
  • They allow movement with ease for those who change positions while asleep
  • They are affordable due to their low prices
  • They help control the temperatures from those who get hot at night

Detriments of Low-Density Foam Mattresses

  • They are less durable only lasting for less than five years
  • They do not provide support hence inappropriate for sleepers with back pain

Choosing the Best Mattress Foam Density

mattress density guide

If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, you should consider several factors. Your preferences should determine whether a firm mattress would fit you or not. Now that you have gained information on various characteristics of different foam densities, you can easily make the right choice. Therefore, here is a highlight of the factors to consider while selecting the best density for your mattress.

  1. Provision of support

You should weigh your requirements for support in sleep, which is determined by your body health conditions. If you experience pains in the back or the neck, you should opt for a relatively high-density foam mattress. They provide enough support hence help in relieving the pain.

  1. Durability

When you buy a mattress, you will need it to last for an extended period; you do not want to invest in short-lived items. Higher density mattresses are not liable to easily breaking off, and so they are durable.

  1. Temperature response

You also need to identify the kind of a sleeper you are; whether you are a cold or hot sleeper. Since different mattresses respond differently to temperature, you should hence select the one that suits you.

  1. Off-gassing

Off-Gassing is a condition where a mattress releases an odor that may be unpleasant to the sleepers. If you are allergic to mattress odors, then you should consider lower density foam mattresses.

  1. Affordability

The ultimate determinant of the kind of a mattress you go for is its price. The mattress you buy should fit within your budget irrespective of the foam density. Low-density foam mattresses are highly affordable, unlike high-density mattresses due to their low prices.


In a nutshell, density is the determinant of the primary characteristics of a mattress that you should consider before purchasing one. It determines the price, durability, odor emission, level of support, and temperature sensitivity. Some people would confuse density with mattress thickness; you should note that a thick mattress does not signify that it is denser than a less thick mattress. A thicker mattress could be low in density while a less thick one might be denser.

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best adjustable beds

Best Adjustable Beds 2019

Your doorway into dreamland is your bed, and the same bed also has a great potential of being more than that. All thanks go to the best adjustable beds in 2019 that are available on the market. These types of beds can create a very good environment for watching your favorite Netflix movies; it can also serve as your cozy reading nook or become your favorite place in your house. In addition to that, getting this type of bed is good for your health, this is because it reduces the chances of snoring, and it reduces sleep apnea as well as poor circulation. With this type of bed, cases of acid reflux and other digestive problems will be things of the past. However, before you decide to get one, you have to know that there different types of these beds on the market, and while choosing one, you should only choose the one that best suits your needs and budget, below are some of the best ten adjustable beds 2019 that you can choose from.

Lucid L300:

Lucid L300

This bed does not need an expert’s help; it has a folding hinge that makes it easy to fold. The bed also has a programmable memory function which makes it easier for you to access your favorite sleeping position easily. It has a motor which is very quiet and cool, and its frame has got two USB ports that are built with it, and this bed is available in twin XL, king, queen as well as a split king which voluntarily enables you to control both sides of the bed separately.

Nora Adjustable bed base

This bed is just the best overall pick for most seasons. It is an affordable bed that provides its users with all the coolest perks. It can be found in four sizes, from the twin XL to king. This bed has anti snore properties. With this bed, you will be in a position to change the elevation of your feet as well as the upper body positioning, and the sides of the beds also have got two USB ports which you can use to charge your phone as well as other devices like a laptop. This type of bed is very sturdy and can be smoothly and quietly adjusted. It has a simple setup and consumes small space; its controls are also very easy to learn and can be easily mastered.


nectar adjustable beds

This bed provides great head and feet elevation, this is beneficial especially for those people who snore as well as those who like reading or watching television while in bed. For sleeping, you can opt to elevate all the Ned’s to zero gravity positioning; you have the opportunity to preset your desired positions. The bed also comes with a built-in massage function which provides different areas of your body with zoned vibration. It is easy to control the functions of this bed; it can be easily controlled by using a wireless remote. The bed also comes along with USB ports that are installed on both sides of the bed which can be conveniently used for charging devices while you are in bed. This bed is perfect for all types of sleepers and sleepers with different weights can also sleep on that bed. Snorers and those who experience shoulder pains can opt for this bed as well.


It has cutting edge functions and features, and it has a wide range of positions which you can choose from. For those people with snoring problems, this can be your ultimate solution. You can easily make the bed become flat by just using a wireless computer. It also has USB ports which are built on both sides of the bed, and there is a lot of space underneath the bed. For those with bedroom space problem, this is the bed to go for. If you are suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain, this can be your ultimate relief bed. This bed is suitable for all types of sleepers.

Saatva Lineal:

This type of bed is suitable for sleepers of all types, and if you have chronic back and neck pain, it will help to relieve your pain. This bed provides its users with a comprehensive massage function. And the massage turns off after 15minutes automatically. This bed can as well separately elevate your head as well as your legs. You can also adjust the height within the four inches range. It does not produce noise when it is being adjusted; it is, therefore, suitable for those people who can be easily woken up by noise. Even those people who are overweight can also sleep on this bed as well as those people who have poor circulation; this bed helps in improving their circulation.

Purple powerbase:

For those suffering from sleep apnea, this is the bed to go for, with this bed, your head will be easily elevated to a high position, with this, it will do away with snoring. Sleepers who have high blood pressure can as well opt for this bed. If you have a partner then you do not have to worry because it also contains two adjustments each of you, you will also be in a position to enjoy the massage functions of this bed. Sleepers with different weights and positions can use this bed, and even couples are not left out.


This bed can be easily transported, set up and stored; this is beneficial especially for those people who like moving around most of the time. It comes with wireless remote control and a motor which is super silent. The bed also comes with a built-in flashlight and a backup battery for emergency purposes. It also has a limited warranty of ten years along with a home trial for 100 nights.


This bed is the perfect choice for light sleepers; it has an anti-gravity preset which makes it easy for a person to relieve all the pressure from the back. This bed is also beneficial when it comes to eliminating snoring. It also comes along with flashlight which you can easily use at night when you want to go to the bathroom. This bed also comes with a massage function which is great for people who find it hard to fall asleep.


This bed can easily be assembled; you do not need to seek professional help. This bed can support a weight of up to 750pounds; this, therefore, makes it ideal for all types of users. It also has USB ports on both of its sides, and all its legs are adjustable, this is to achieve the different preferences of the bed height easily.

Reverie 7S:

Reverie 7S adjustable bed

This bed comes along with motor which is powerful and noiseless. This bed can accommodate 850pounds weight. Its DC motor is normally powered by batteries. This bed can as well give you the opportunity to adjust your head as well as your feet positions easily; you can easily adjust it to the angle of your preference. It comes with full body massage functions and also good for snorers. It also has programmable memory positions as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

With the above list, I presume you are now aware of what you want and what type of bed is best for your needs. Choosing the right bed for your needs is the best gift you can ever give yourself, this is because you will be in a position to ease all the back and shoulder pains that you might be suffering from. Adjustable beds come in different prices and sizes; therefore, while choosing one, you should be very careful, get the one that you are sure you can afford and meets your needs as well.

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Finding the Best bpa free coffee maker

For housewives, Java enthusiasts, employees and thousands of other people, it is very important to locate the best coffee makers. Really, for many people, perhaps like you and your loved ones, there is no better way to start the day than to have a cup of freshly baked beans.

And for that to happen, it is obvious that you need a companion that allows you to prepare a good coffee at home, so that a hot drink can receive it when the sun goes down.

But having your own brewing channel at home offers insurmountable benefits, especially if you’re one of those people who can not live without Java.

What are your alternatives?

To locate the Best bpa free coffee maker, start with an intensive course on different types of coffee machines. This can allow you to discover the particular type that fits your needs in addition to your lifestyle.

This particular type works by dripping hot water on Java to extract the flavor.

To make sure your grains come out, you must follow the specific requirements for the duration of the preparation time, the water temperature and the size of the ground coffee you use. Due to the meticulous brewing process, the end result is obviously a fantastic coffee rich in flavors that can be an inspiration for you when you need it.

And that’s what the filter coffee machine produces in a popular way. Currently, it comes from units of a single service, in addition to the large capacity versions, and also includes glass carafes or thermal pots, according to your preferences.

Next on the list is your vacuum coffee maker, the fantastic coffee machine that does justice to the true concept of brewing. Aspire the taste of coffee on the coffee floor, which leads to an excellent and powerful cup.

Finally, there is the percolator, which is not very popular, especially among those who are sure of the taste of coffee. Coffee lovers certainly do not like this particular type because it is unthinkable, and it boils instead of boiling it. The coffee that comes out of the percolators is often very acidic.

Materials to be eliminated.

When trying to find the best Java machines, there are many things to consider. You can configure the type of coffee maker you will need to evaluate why you need Java. There are those who simply can not start their day without the extra energy provided by Java, there are many others who only have pure love for Java and others who need attention. Particular throughout the day.

If you have a pure love for Java and do not waste your time preparing it, you will be delighted with the traditional process of Java processing of this vacuum coffee machine.

You should also think about how much coffee you want. As a housewife, you can even find a decent value in a multi-cup coffee pot that can fill several cups with a single preparation cycle, so that everyone in your house can have a good coffee together.

But if you simply need Java yourself, often in a takeaway, you will love the coffee makers of a service and the people who have one. These are all things that can take you directly to the best coffee makers that could meet your coffee needs.

Choose The best auto espresso coffee maker

Are you looking to buy the best auto espresso coffee maker and cannot decide which brand to choose? You’re not alone; Many people have the same problem, what brand to choose? Especially in these days when technology advances every day.

There are many brands available in the market. Having such availability of brands baffles consumers to decide which brand to choose. Nowadays, programmable coffee makers have more demand. If you are a coffee lover, this is the first option you want to buy.

These types of best auto espresso coffee maker are very convenient to use. In a few minutes, after putting the necessary ingredients, you can drink a hot drink. If you are a busy person and want your cup of coffee to be fresh and fast, it will be a perfect choice for you, for the home and for the office. If you have a bit of a bad mood and want to change the flavours of coffee, the espresso machine may be the perfect choice for you. It is also useful for families that have different taste preferences for each member. Tips to choose the right brand: first determine your needs, budget and preferences, according to your family and your needs, before rushing to buy a new coffee maker.

Decide what functions you want in your coffee maker. There are many brands available according to capacity, from a coffee machine for a single user to a coffee machine for multiple users. Some brands can only make one cup of coffee at a time and up to 12 cups. Having a family o If you occasionally organize parties and you meet a friend who also likes coffee, it is better to buy a brand with good capacity.

If you find a coffee machine that suits your needs perfectly, avoid unnecessary functions, since you are spending things that are not essential for you, so you can save a few extra dollars. -If your budget is not a problem, compare the characteristics of different brands by placing a table and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Of course, you need to clean your coffee machine almost every day, so make sure you can clean it easily and that all parts are washable and do not get damaged by water or soap.

It is not a wise decision to buy a large coffee maker that does not fit on your kitchen counter, or that should not be too small to be difficult to use. Therefore, buy the right size that suits not only your kitchen but also be easy to handle.

Search online for the most popular types of coffee makers available, read their features, read customer reviews, read all the pros and cons, which can also help you make decisions easily.

Also, if your neighbours or friends already have a coffee machine, ask them for advice, why they chose this brand, what are their advantages and disadvantages and what additional functions they like in their coffee machines. It is possible that you already have a brand in mind, that you already have other items of this brand and that they adapt perfectly to your needs and that you have no problem when facing your other product, it is better to choose the same brand instead of trying a new one.

How To Buy Grind and Brew Coffee Makers?

Too many people love this good smell of coffee brewed early in the morning and, therefore, they need a coffee maker. For many people, they can not function properly because they did not have that hot cup of Joe in their throat in the morning.

We saw different flavors and everything about coffee. However, there is a lot to understand when it comes to finding a grind and brew coffee maker for you. Keep reading while we inform you as much as possible about the different coffee machines, their use and much more.

Different characteristics of grind and brew coffee maker

When looking for the best grind and brew coffee maker, you should know the features that are provided with some of them to know what you want. These are some of the features provided by many coffee makers. Familiarize yourself with these.

Programmable configurations: the advantage of programmable configurations is that everything is configured as you wish. One thing you can program is when the coffee begins to prepare and much more. This makes things easier for you, so you need to worry less. You can find this feature on the most ground and processed coffee machines.

Thermal mug: you will find them in many cups of coffee. This allows the coffee to remain hot, but without allowing the burnt taste.

Small lot: this is an adjustment for the coffee maker that allows you to prepare one to four cups. This essentially controls the water so as not to ingest too much water in the coffee. Too much water will weaken your coffee.

Preparation Strength control: some of you do not like a really strong preparation. There are many reasons for this. When you have this function in your coffee maker, you will find that there is a force control system that allows the water to pass through the coffee so that it weakens if desired. This feature is available with most commercial coffee makers.

Pause and service: There is something called the Pause and service feature in many of them. If you find that you can not wait to get a cup during preparation, there are many who have this function. This feature, which is generally available with drip coffee machines, allows the coffee to be no longer ready to serve a cup, which will not be a problem and the coffee is not too strong either.

Auto Power Off: If you have trouble remembering things like us, you may not remember to turn off the machine. Do not worry, he will do it for you. Sometimes you can adjust the time. Others leave simply after a while. This feature is available with most coffee makers, including those who serve alone.

Self-cleaning: it is necessary to clean the filter from time to time. Some of them can do it for you. If you want to clean yourself, this is a feature you want to look for. Instead, you can choose one of the capsule manufacturers while allowing the pressed water to flow through the pre-filled capsule to prepare it. Therefore, no filter is needed, so it is an excellent option for busy people who should run out of water. It takes in the morning.

Grinder: most coffee machines allow you to grind your own coffee beans. The good thing is that everything is there. Some have an integrated shredder that allows you to do so.


When you walk in a shop to purchase yourself a coffee brewing machine it is obvious that you will be in dilemma due to the large variety you meet. But you don’t have to worry I have compiled up a list for you. These coffee makers are appropriate for your personal and family coffee brewing purposes. They on also built on the latest technology as some of them are automated. Here is a list of the best smallest coffee maker.

Zojirushi EC-DA50

This is a coffee maker which can serve to a maximum of five cups. Among its feature is the ease of usage. It comes with a removable water reservoir making it possible to directly pour water into its sink hence avoiding spillage. Inside it is also a heating unit which enables you to heat your coffee in case you did not drink all of it. It does not have an automatic shut off system hence you should not forget to turn it off. You can buy it at a price of around $69.99.

Keirig K-Class coffee maker

This is a single person serve coffee maker. It comes with a very large 48 oz. water reservoir which relieves you the burden of refilling the tank every time you want to prepare your coffee. You will be able to set up this coffee maker easily due to its systematically given directions in the manual. With only $89.99 you will be able to purchase this coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach Programmable coffee maker

This is a 12-cup Carafe which is big enough to serve to serve your entire family. Though it has an adjustable height which enables you to make quantities smaller than 12 cups. It is called programmable because you don’t have to remember to turn it off after completing to brew your coffee. It has an automatic system which turns it off automatically. Up its other features is the wide drip tray which keeps you free from spills. The coffee maker is very compact making it easy for you to clean it. As much as it has all these good features it also has con because your coffee won’t be as hot as some of you would prefer. You will get this machine at a fee of $59.99.

Black & Decker DCM18S

This is a single-serve brewing machine. When in a hurry this personal coffee maker will brew up coffee for in a matter of minutes. It comes with a stainless-steel mug which will hold your coffee and keep it warm during your journey. It also comes with an automatic turn off the system. This machine is durable and can last up to 10years when given proper care. It also has a minor defect as the water tank valve seems to pop out hence needs to be checked. This machine will cost you less than $20 to acquire it.

Mr. Coffee 4-cup drip Brewer

This is a coffee maker with a very unique feature. They include a scheduled brewing system where you can schedule it to repeat the brewing process the following day. It also has a drip pausing system where in case of any dripping you can always pause it before spreading on the entire plate. It is programmable hence has an automatic turn off the system. With only $27.99 you will purchase your own machine.

With the above-listed coffee maker am sure that the next time you visit any coffee maker shop you won’t be confused anymore. Depending on your needs you will get either the single person brewer or a family one of up to 12 cups.

What’s the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

he biggest benefit of using pour-over coffee makers is the unmatched control it gives you over the amount of coffee you can make. With just a little skill and know-how, you can make amazing coffee from home. However, if you want to make a specific precise amount of delicious coffee, you have to be careful about how you select your coffee maker. So what are some of the best in the industry?

1. Hario V60 Ceramic

This iconic coffee maker is super affordable, along with offering convenience and consistency. The vintage coffee maker personifies simplicity, economy and getting right to the point. Hario V60 originates from Japan, and some of its features include a conical spiral design inside the spout, triangular paper filters, and a variety of drippers including ceramic, glass, copper and plastic. What the V60 lacks in flashy features has been more than made up for in consistency and the fact that every cup you get from it is rich and tasty. For beginners, it is a good idea to opt for the ceramic version, but if you have amassed expertise in coffee making, the copper version might suit your needs better. To begin making your coffee, here are some of the items you will need:
  • Material: plastic, glass, ceramic, copper
  • Accessories: Gooseneck kettle, Hario filters
  • Type of grind needed: Medium/fine
  • Other items: Burr grinder and a scale

2. Chemex Eight Cup Classic Coffeemaker Series

This is a great option if you love making pour-over coffee on bulk. With a Chemex, you can make up to 8 five-ounce cups in one brew. Outstanding features of this coffeemaker include: non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb flavour and is additionally heat-resistant, a carafe that combines receptacle and spout, and a wooden handle that allows you to effortlessly make your brew and get rid of the filter, and consequently serve a number of people at one go without scalding your hands. To keep the coffee warm, you can place it directly on a gas flame or stovetop over low heat. However, placing it on an electric coil will result in damage to the carafe.

3. Bartelli Paperless Coffee Maker.

If you are passionate about the environment but still love to drink great coffee, the Bartelli is the best way to go. The Bartelli has a permanent stainless steel filter that comes in several distinct types, shapes, and sizes. One of the best picks is the stainless steel option this is because it is easy to use and clean up after the pour over process. Be sure to clean the stainless steel filter regularly and you will be able to rely on it to produce tasty coffee for a long time to come. Additionally, the coffee filter retains all the flavor and essential oils from coffee, allowing you consistently great flavor.
The material of the coffee maker is an important consideration when buying a pour over coffee maker. Ceramic is a good selection if you are not used to pouring confidently, or if you do not want to burn your beans. Ceramic also absorbs heat more slowly as compared to copper. Filter type and quality is also significant. Standard filter pour coffee makers are thought to be able to control the coffee flavor better. All in all, whatever your choice of coffee maker may be, it is important that you learn the basics of pour over first to avoid undesirable results. YouTube tutorials are a great place to get a few free lessons on how to prepare meticulously made coffee.
How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress

Although pets are a wonderful companion, especially dogs, more often we welcome them to our beds with open arms. However, accidental urination from dogs are the most common problems dog owners have to deal with. The effect of the constant urination or dog pee can be quite distracting and frustrating at the same time. Luckily, there are numerous well-tested ways and strategies to remove odor and pee from any type of mattress in your home. Therefore, in this article, we highlight some of the simple strategies on how to get dog pee out of a mattress. Read on to find the most fascinating, yet simple methods to deal with dog pees.

Removing Wet Dog urine from a mattress

Step 1: Soak up the urine.

In order to deal with wet pee, you need to place a thick layer of newspapers and paper towels on the soiled area. Press the towels or papers for a few minutes. This is done in order to allow the liquid to be pulled out of the mattress. Once you have soaked much urine as possible, take the soiled papers outside the dogs’ bathroom or a store them in an area where your dog always urinates. This help reinforces the expectation of bathroom habits.

Step 2: Pour some cold water on the soiled area

Once you soak towels and sip as much pee as possible, take a glass of water and pour it gently on the soiled area. Allow each pour to soak into the mattress before pouring more. Take caution while pouring on water on the fabric, you should pour the water gently to allow it soak fully the remaining urine on the mattress.

Step 3: Add drops of detergents to the wet area

In this step, you will need to add a few drops of detergents like dish detergent in small drops. Disperse the detergent evenly throughout the wet area. Ensure the mixture of detergent gets to every affected place in equal measures. Take caution to ensure that all the soiled are is fully sprayed with the detergent.

Step 4: Soak up the soapy water with new towels

Note, in this step, you should use a fresh towel. Do not reuse any papers that you had used earlier. Since doing so will only replace the urine that you had already removed. Press the new towel for a few minutes. This will ensure that the soapy water is fully absorbed and the area is ready to vacuum.

Step 5: Spray the area with a mixture of vinegar and odor persists

In order to get the best mixture, mix about two cups white vinegar and two cups of warm water and five tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl and spray dispersly on the wet area. Allow it to sit for almost five minutes before you clean it out. Caution, ensure you have gloves or protective wears while mixing the detergents, you do not want to involve yourself in another health hazard while performing the act of cleaning the mattress.

Step 6: Blot the area with new towels or papers.

Blotting the mattress with new towels will help ensure that the excess water is removed from the mattress. This will help avoid mold from forming. Ensure you blot the area until the area is slightly damp. Then dry the area with a dry vacuum cleaner in order to suck excess water from the fabric.

In addition, once the mattress is blotted and the excess soapy water is cleaned out, in order to ensure that your mattress is fully cleaned, you would consider taking it out under a shade and allow it to cooled with some fresh air. This will not only allow the odor to get away quickly, but also ensure that the mattress gets some fresh air.

Summing UP

Pets are our close associates, however, dogs, for instance, should be handled with care. Dog urination on a mattress is a common phenomenon and if you experience such, do not panic, just follow the above steps to ensure that your mattress is cleaned in the right way and the odor is dealt with. Notably, the process should be carried out immediately your notice that your pet has messed your mattress. Besides, in order to avoid such occurrences, you always need to train your dog on how bathroom matters, this will ensure that they always know where they should pee each time they feel like.